Price list

Price list for basic licence 

By purchasing the license SEMAFOR user can install the software on one or more computers. The license relates to a specific clinic or dental hygiene practice, workplace and employee.             

Single version

Network version


450,- €

550,- €


Price list of updates     

Updates for SEMAFOR are divided into two groups :

  • Minor updates -  the minor modifications and improvements to applications. These updates occur as needed.
  • Major updates - generally generated once a year. One or more functional modules will be added in the program SEMAFOR.  The owner of the license will be informed in advance of the update and will be able to decide on its acquisition.

Both groups of upgrades are optional. By purchasing the basic license of the program you are not obligated to upgrade the program. It is your decision if you upgrade the program or not.  Upgrades are usually about the amendments to applications and fillings to other functions. 

If the user of the software decides to purchase a license upgrade later, it is necessary to complete all previous updates. In this case, the company SOFTLAND, s.r.o. accounts special fee of 33 euros added to the price of update. 




Minor updates

20,- /year

Major updates (about 1 per year)

will be determined for each update


Service charges

Company SOFTLAND, s.r.o. reserves the right to charge service charges, if the defect was caused by  a customer. Service intervention price will be calculated according to the current price list :            


Service at you place (each started hour)


Travel costs (price per km)



* Prices include VAT 20%