is the first computer software for dental hygiene practices and clinics in Slovakia. 

It allows its users to create a complete database of patients, which is necessary for the implementation of dental hygiene at a professional level.
 This database of examinations and treatments, is not only more transparent in digital form, but it also addresses the problem of paper documents printing and archiving. The basic version of the database contains five sections in the patient's sheet :

  • Anamnesis
  • Informed patient consent
  • IBI / IDK
  • Paro Status
  • Gingival / Bone level

Filling of the various parts of dental card in digital form saves your time and allows you to track and compare the efficiency of treatment due to possibility to  browse among data achieved and organized acoording to date in the computer. Each of the sections can be printed and provided to another specialist, or it can be simply be used to write down the important data by hand..

The program was designed to make the work of the dental hygienist easier and more effective.

Another big advantage of the software Semafor is the possibility of subdividing patients into three basic color categories (according to the current state of oral hygiene) and three groups according to treatment intensity. This division helps the dental hygiene emploee:

  • better planning and allocation of the workload during the day - which inderectly increases the efficiency of dental hygienist performance.
  • more effective prices setting for treatment which helps to increase the profits.
  • more efficient determination of the frequency of patient treatments.

The idea of ​​classifying patients into groups, also has a great sense of motivation for the patient.  His aim should be to be forwarded from the red zone, through orange to green zone and thus reduce the cost of his treatment and frequency of his visits to the clinic. Patient from the green zone and 1st. group of treatment visits clinic less often and  thus saves his time and money. 

The database SEMAFOR except above-mentioned includes:

  • The history of the dental hygiene level and the degree of inflammation from the first visit to the last registration, etc.
  • The calculation of the IBI index.
  • Planning calendar for each dental hygiene employee. 
  • Warning while planning another appointment that the patient did not come to previous appointment.
  • Sending information e-mails to patients.
  • Automated determination of the next patient appointment according to his current-dental and health status.
  • Printing of the bills for treatment.
  • The statistics of the hygienic performances per month.
  • The statistics of the hygienic performances per emploee.
  • Possibility of creating users accounts in the program for each employee.
  •  The record of training of the patient for individual dental hygiene aids.
  • The ability to share network and data with other computers in the workplace.